Naomi Campbell is in court…again! No she hasn’t assaulted anyone with a mobile device! Thank the Lord! She is giving her testimony at the War Crimes trial of Former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor. Her Hague appearance is the number 1 trending topic today on twitter.

She is testifying as a result of an incident in Cape Town 1997, where Naomi was a guest of then president Mandela, alongside Quincy Jones, actress Mia Farrow, Charles Taylor and 7 others. Based on reports Farrow said Charles Taylor so struck by Naomi’s beauty, arranged for her to be given a rough diamond, Naomi told her that during the night Taylor’s men “knocked on her door and that they had given her a huge diamond and it was like, Oh my gosh!” Farrow also went on to say Campbell had told her that she was going to donate the diamond to Mandela’s children’s charities. She added she thought no more about it until the Taylor prosecution unfolded.

Based on this Campbell was summoned to give evidence during Taylor’s war trial on August 5 2010. During the trial the model revealed how two black men who came to her hotel room gave her a pouch containing “dirty stones”. The men, who she had never met, told her “there is a gift for you”. They gave her a “pouch” which she opened the next morning and containing “a few small very dirty looking stones”. They were from Charles Taylor. Despite believing the stones were a gift from Taylor, she had no intention of thanking him, she says

“I had no way of contacting him and I had no intention of contacting him.”

Naomi’s testimony which she has tried to avoid for “fear of hers and her family’s safety” brings to light the reminder that diamonds were central to the war in Sierra Leone, and the issue of blood diamonds has yet to be resolved.

It is alleged that Charles Taylor used some of the profits from the sale of the conflict diamonds to traffic weapons to the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), thus fomenting and prolonging Sierra Leone’s brutal civil war that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.

Accusations, which he has vehemently denied. Taylor was indicted in 2003 for crimes including rape, murder, and mutilation committed in Sierra Leone during the 1990s. His trial began in The Hague in 2008. The trial is ongoing.

Gosh! African Leaders and their insatiable thirst for power, which it seems, they would do anything to keep! It’s always the masses that suffer! It is so worrying from the east to the west they are pretty much all the same. God help us all.

See video of Miss Campbell giving her testimony below, on a lighter note she was looking very good…love the demure look on her, the ’60s bun looked like she could have been a member of the Supremes, combined with her outfit she looked saintly all that was missing was a halo.