You may have gotten the BBMs & emails, seen the tweets & facebook status updates about the little girl who went missing on December 13th in Lagos, Nigeria. Shortly after she was reported missing, messages began going round that she had been found…she hasn’t she is still missing. Little Sharon hasn’t been seen for 2 days and we are all concerned for her safety.

The 5 year old was last seen when she was picked up from her school Avi Cenna in Ikeja, Lagos in a taxi by the family associate of 6 years, Dare Akamo…since then no one has seen them both. Little Sharon Omolayo is with someone that is trying to hurt her. She is scared and so is her family, they are praying fervently, myself and countless others are praying wth them…praying that this little girl is found unharmed and taken back to her family who love her and want her back home.

If you have seen Sharon or Dare, please call 08033506089, it is a direct number for the Omolayo family. Spread the word, tell everyone you know, lets get Sharon back home ASAP.

Update: Sharon has a distinctive birthmark on her forehead, she is also called Dara by her family. The family associate is in his mid 30s.