It truly is a christmas miracle, yesterday 5 year old Sharon Omolayo was found after being declared missing last Monday the 13th December. She was picked up by her dad at Sango Otta which is on the outskirts of Lagos State.

Dare Akamo (the family house help) was the last person seen with Sharon on the 13th December. It is reported he took her to a house in Ifo, Ogun State where he fed her “bread & tea” daily…telling her “mummy will soon come for you”. It is amazing because the little girl didn’t even realise anything was amiss.

Yesterday Sharon’s dad received a phone call from Dare alluding that both he & Sharon had been abducted and the abductors wanted a ransom.

Mr Omolayo agreed to meet with him at Sango from where he picked them both up & drove straight to the police to give a statement, on getting there Dare confessed to being the mastermind of the kidnapping plot…as expected he is blaming the devil for his actions **KMT**

Miracles still happen, I was starting to fear the worst. The power of prayer and faith can certainly not be denied. Thanks to facebook, twitter & bbm’s millions were made aware of Sharon’s disappearance and we all collectively prayed from our different corners of the world  for her safe return.

#LessonLearned NO ONE can be trusted! Dare had been with the family for 6 years…but his greed got the better of him…He is currently in custody were it is likely he’ll spend xmas and new year before the courts even decide to hear his case. Hopefully he’ll be locked up for a very long time.