Son of late afrobeat King Seun Kuti has expressed his disappointment at Nigerian artistes who are singing their support for Goodluck Jonathan and other politicians in the run up to next year’s presidential election. In an interview with BBC Africa, Seun said angrily;

“Traitor, Anybody using their music to support Nigerian politicians is a traitor – first to music, and secondly to the country.”

Seun’s father Fela Anikulapo Kuti famously used his music to fight the establishment, his prophetic lyrics predicted a lot of what the country is currently going through. Earning him the respect of music lovers the world over.

Banky W also revealed he turned down an obscene amount of money to endorse an unnamed presidential candidate, describing it as the most he’d EVER been offered. He goes on to say;

I just could not go to sleep at night if I supported this man, It’s important for us that have a public voice to try to steer the country to where we think it should be, otherwise we’re going to face the same problems, in 20 years’ time, because no-one spoke up for the country at the time

Some of the artistes who have lent their voices to the Goodluck campaign are Onyeka Onwenu, TwoShotz, Zaaki Azzay & D’Banj. Zaaki Azzay has gone on record denying he received payment for his endorsement. While Twoshotz’ manager says that his song is aimed at encouraging Nigerian’s to vote.

Does Zaki Azzay really expect us to believe he didn’t receive financial compansation for his Goodluck song? Come on! Anyways hats off tto Banky W, Seun Kuti and the countless others who have stayed true to their principles.

What are your thoughts? I’d like to hear them? Do you agree with Banky & Seun? Do you think the political praise singers are sell outs?

Source [BBC News Africa]