With all the negative crap about Nigeria in the media…it’s always nice when we get recognition for something positive. In this case the current Central Bank Governor Mallam Lamido Aminu Sanusi has been named Central Bank Governor of 2010 for both the African continent and the entire world, by the prestigious Banker Magazine.

The 49-year-old has been praised for salvaging a crumbling Nigerian financial sector, including implementing reforms that have put Africa’s most promising market back on the map for global investors, since his appointment as head of the Bank of Nigeria in June 2009.

YAY Well done!

With that being said what the heck is going on in Jos? What’s with the ever increasing bomb blasts/threats? WIth all the problems in Nigeria…from the lack of adequate power supply to corruption to poverty! Do we really need to add terrorist attacks to the list? C’mon people!

Source [BBC News]