Word on the street is that the god fathers of  Naija hip hop music, and popular radio/ television personalities, Kenny “Keke” Ogungbe and Dayo “D1” Adeneye are calling time on their business & personal relationship which has spanned almost 2 decades! The cause of their beef? Money…specifically a multi-million naira deal with telecoms company MTN. And ID Ogungbe (Kenny Ogungbe’s brother) is being cited as the man behind the split!

According to Yemoja News the founders of Primetime Africa/Kennis Music are splitting up because of a disagreement over their contract renewal with MTN. After the expiration of their MTN deal from a few years ago which got the duo the two MTN branded H2 Hummer jeeps,  efforts to renew it proved abortive as the terms of the proposed contract did not go down well with D1 who is in charge of contract negotiations. He therefore encouraged Kenny not to sign the contract.

However ID Ogungbe (Kenny’s younger brother & presenter of ID on The Street) is said to have prompted Kenny to re-negotiate & accept MTN’s offer, without D1’s knowledge. D1 found out when an insider at MTN called him to find out why he wasn’t attending contract renegotiations…this is when D1 found out he had been shafted by the brothers.

When confronted by D1, Kenny admitted he went behind his back based on ID’s encouragement. Hurt & disappointed by the betrayal of someone he considered a brother, D1 has been forced to rethink his relationship (business & personal) with Kenny.

D1 isn’t taking all this lying down though…he is said working on a “celebrity interview show that will be syndicated on all TV channels nationwide”

WOW! It’s sad to see people destroy a long term friendship because of moolah. Moral of the story…when it comes to business “Trust No One”. Make sure you are protected!

Source [Yemoja News]