But a dwarf is already short now Terry!

So there I was unable to sleep at 3am this morning (Nov 8th), trying to mind my business when I saw Not Just Ok’s @OvieO‘s tweet asking if there had been a twitter beef between rapper M.I. and Terry G based on tweets he’d seen from both artistes (from late night Nov 7th Nigerian time). A couple of retweets from him, some investigative journalism on my part (more like amebo-ism) and I was able to identify the genesis of the “so called beef”

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It all started when MI sent out this tweet: Pls.. What does akpako mean?

(For those who don’t know Terry G has a song called Akpako master…so it was obviously directed at him) He followed shortly after with this tweet: So apparently.. Terry G alone understands the deep mysteries of akpako..

Terry G must have been alerted to M.I’s tweet ‘cos he replied with the following: Africa DanGba nomba 1,short dwarf,u 4 try ask me naaa,wat do u fink,chop chicken!!


Referencing M.I.’s song African Rapper Number 1…

I don’t understand why TerryG was so vexed though! It was a simple question…I mean who hasn’t wondered what Akpako means? SMDH. If you are also wondering what DanGba means…good luck trying to figure that out, it’s probably one of the Ginjah master’s made up slangs..in addition to Akpako & Sangolo.

The general consensus on twitter is that DanGba means “Maga”. And there you have it…