UPDATE: This incident happened in Legon University, Ghana and not Nigeria. 

Ordinarily you won’t find me posting stuff like this on my blog, but after last week’s barbaric killing of the ALUU 4, I’m just so sick of this jungle justice mentality in Nigeria. And feel it has to STOP!

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Based on the narration of this video, this young girl was caught “stealing” at Shoprite Mall in Alaba Market in Lagos Legon University Ghana. What followed after she was caught is something that has now become commonplace.

She was lynched, stripped, while a bunch of horny men proceeded to sexually manhandle her. What the hell is this? Why not take the girl to the appropriate authorities? The police is useless I know, but is this an excuse to sexually abuse women. When did this become the appropriate punishment for stealing? who made these people judge and jury?

I am so angry! This just grates my nerves! Majority of Nigerian men believe women are possessions and treat us as such! Something needs to be done about this rubbish!

Watch the very graphic video after the jump if you can stomach it…WARNING IT IS GRAPHIC

Kudos to the one man shielding her from these perverts!

UPDATEIt has just been brought to my attention that this happened a while back at Alaba Market in Lagos.