Who can forget reggae star Majek Fashek‘s classic hits (well unless you were born in the 90s sha!) like Send Down The Rain & So Long, real music that you can still jam to in 2012! Well if current reports are anything to go by, it appears Mr Fashek hasn’t learnt anything from his years of hard living in New York where I heard that for years after blowing his record label advance on drugs he resorted to begging for money & food from clientele at a few restaurants in New York.

Now based in Nigeria where he is trying to make a comeback it appears he still hasn’t learnt from his past. In a recent interview he says he still uses hard drugs like cocaine, obviously the fact that his years of hard drug use have aged him so badly and made him a total shadow of his former self mean absolutely nothing to him. I mean no disrespect to our older ones but it is clear this man has an  problem and needs all the help he can get before it turns to a tragic story. Whitney Houston anyone? Well I’m just saying.

See what Majek said after the jump

They said I’m crazy, I use cocaine. Well I still use cocaine. I dey blow my nose, I dey smoke my igbo. As I speak to you, I have cocaine in my pocket and in my house. I still dey use am. I can’t stop. How will you play music with a ‘normal eye’? You can’t be a good musician playing without getting high. Pastors dem dey high too. The truth is that you can’t be on the human level and give the message. The humans are looking up to you, so you must be super- human to live up to their expectations.

CRACK IS WACK! Let us pray for this man!