News reaching me via twitter and my amebo ears is that the 4 – 5 months casual relationship between Iyanya and Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson is over and done with, Yvonne was left with a broken heart after she found out Mr Kurukere was cheating on her with controversial actress Tonto Dikeh!

Yesterday Yvonne Nelson took to twitter to pour out her heartbreak and put Iyanya on blast! It all started with the following tweet

Thot u were the 1 but I guess all u wanted was to date an actress…there u go,enjoy dating the 2nd actress…movedon player *wink”

But she clearly hadn’t moved on because she continued to tweet about her disappointment, and it all descended into the Yvonne Nelson Heartbreak Show after that. Poor girl, i feel for her, there is no medicine for heartache.

In a further twist after Yvonne’s rants, Tonto also took to twitter to reply Yvonne, apologising for stealing her man. She tweeted:

Hunz lemme B,I’m happy n I earned dat Right*Sincere Apology 2d Hurtin Party,People change n So doez Feelin**Movin On iz a great Virtue dat takez U 2ur PROMIZE LAND** #POKO#

All is fair in love and war right?

A few months ago I told you Tonto was now in a relationship, when asked who the lucky man was she acted coy and said he didn’t want his name out there in the public domain.


We now we know that man she was referring to is Iyanya and the real reason he didn’t want his name out there is cos he was being a playa! A wiseman once said don’t hate the player hate the game. But I digress…

Rumour in Ghana has it that Yvonne Nelson messes with Big Boys…Wealthy guys, who send her on 1st class trips to exotic locations complete with 5 star hotel treatment, shopping at the finest stores, no expense spared, just check out her instagram, I don’t know how one can afford that kind of life on an actor’s salary. And I know for sure Iyanya wasn’t paying for any 1st class tickets for her…

An online publication cites this as the main reason Iyanya dumped her, now I don’t condone cheating but if she was indeed messing with other dudes for whatever reason she can’t start crying foul now. Can she? Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks…As for Tonto you lose him the same way you got him love.

That na my 2 cents sha.

See more of Yvonne, Iyanya and Tonto’s tweets below


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