Big Brother Africa Winner 2011 Karen Igho got slapped and assaulted with a gun at an event in Lagos on Friday night. The reality tv star was assaulted by a security guard who asked her for some money when she was leaving the “Smirnoff 3D Disco” Party which took place at the Landmark Event Centre in Lagos.

The 27 Year old says she was at the event to support close friend Denrele Edun, who was hosting the event.

Karen took to her micro blogging site twitter yesterday to narrate the sequence of events, saying  ”He loaded his gun and put it to my face at the car park, he wanted money and I didn’t have any on me then he slapped me.still in shock and pain“. The slap sent me landing on the floor and hitting my head“. She then went on to post a picture of her bruised face.

After Karen’s tweets went viral most people made a mockery of the incident and her swollen face. She then went on to tweet that she will be getting her lawyers on the case, and charges could be pressed.

According to NETNG, An insider close to organizers of the Smirnoff bash says bouncers could not have carried guns, because they are only allowed tasers.

‘If Karen says someone attacked her, she might be telling the truth but it’s not from us because it happened outside the venue. A police officer can’t also do that so it must be a hooligan’, said the insider, who pleaded anonymity.

This is what Naija has come to, when you go to events, bouncers, “parking attendants”, area boys demand money from you like you owe them. For the bouncer to have attacked her with a gun the case shouldn’t be treated as molestation but armed robbery charges should also be brought up, I hope they find the foolish security guard!