2013 isn’t getting off to a great start for award winning producer & Mavin boss Don Jazzy.

According to a petition to the Inspector General of police brought by Lagos socialite Mr Princewill Ojukwu he is being accused of attempted murder, theft & grievous bodily harm. The petition states Mr Princewill and some friends went to Don Jazzy’s new nightclub POP In Victoria Island, Lagos on the 21st December, just before he left the club, he had a heated exchange of words with Don Jazzy who then instructed his bodyguards to beat Princewill up…

Princewill alleges the assault left him with a blood clot in his skull, detached retina, broken nose and a cracked cranium. Damn they really f&%$ed dude up!

He also goes on to claim alleged theft by Don Jazzy’s bodyguard’s of his Hublot watch worth N900,000, his iphone5 & blackberry, Vivien Westwood belt, 90,000 naira and 500 US Dollars cash was missing.

See more graphic photos of his bruises below, he is said to still walk round in pain and has constant migraines as a result of injuries from the alleged assault.


According to Stella Dimoko Korkus, Don Jazzy sent Princewill Ojukwu a text a few days ago apologizing and asking for an account number to send money to cover hospital bill but Mr Ojukwu has refused his gesture saying

Its not about the money,this could happen to anyone,it is abuse of power and needs to be checked before someone is killed all in the name of the other being a celebrity.Don Jazzy stood there pinging on his blackberry as his thugs beat me up,that is the last thing i remember before i fainted.

See petition below:


Sounds like Don Jazzy needs to lawyer up…FAST!