This is so sad, and my heart is so damn heavy as I type this. I don’t know this guy Irawo, who was killed yesterday (11th Jan) in broad daylight in front of hundreds of people. But it always hits my core when a young person passes away especially so suddenly.


Rapper Ruggedman  was one of those who witnessed the shooting and he tweeted his account of what happened. Irawo Adamolekun was shot when a man tried to rob him in the Anthony Village area of Lagos. The gunman came to Irawo’s car after robbing the car in front of his, Irawo refused to give him anything, so the man shot him at point blank range and calmly walked to the other side of road, got on a waiting okada bike and fled the scene.


If I remember correctly there are usually a variety of law enforcement officers (ranging from police to LASTMA) at Anthony Village, none of them could stop him, or stop any of the okadas (which have been banned by the way) from carrying him.

You know what’s even sadder, according to comments on twitter and facebook, Irawo lost his brother Imole, in a fatal car crash 2 or 3 years ago.

No parent should have to bury a child.

Much less 2 children within the space of a few years, both under tragic circumstances.

My heart breaks. Breaks for his parents, his 1 surviving sibling, his friends…What is Nigeria turning into?

To make matters even worse his killer will probably not be caught and found, even with overwhelming eye witness accounts from the people on the scene, the Nigerian system is such that cases like this aren’t followed up on. With the amount of people that saw him they should be able to get a composite sketch of the man to the public declaring him wanted…but then again this is Nigeria…such doesn’t happen.


Rest In Peace Irawo.