Early this morning (Naija time) a picture went viral on twitter, of pop star Iyanya having a skype conversation with a random girl (I’m not going to publish her name here) he met on twitter. It would appear said girl posted a screenshot of their Skype conversation to get some attention (cos I really don’t know why she had to post the picture of a private phone call for the world to see?!) But I digress…

This infamous Skype convo with Iyanya & the fan happened…just ONCE, which would probably explain why she couldn’t contain her excitement, hence her publicly begging inviting the Kukere master to visit her in Florida with the caption “@Iyanya come to Florida, remember that one time we skyped ??” Bless her such a groupie fan! She probably wanted to show him the many sights the state of Florida has to offer, between Disney World, Sea World & Kennedy Space center she had plenty to choose from 😉

Now back to the matter, the purpose of this post isn’t to bash her, the twitter goons have already attacked her with all manner of slander, but to warn these artistes to be careful on the internet streets! Facebook, twitter, BBM, Whatsapp, Skype, iMessage or Email! It is ruthless, and there are no rules! Everyone is looking for attention & at this point nothing & no one is off limits!

Imagine if Iyanya and the chick had decided to engage in some kinky Skype activity?! (these things happen…especially in long distance relationships) Is that how nekkid pictures of him would have been posted online, as seems to be the order of the day now. Just ask Davido?! He’s a vet when it comes to scandalous groupie photos online.

It’s not just artistes that need to be careful though, we all need to be, as the world gets smaller thanks to internet & social media, we are now making friends online, hence talking to them via the numerous mediums available to us, nudes are being exchanged, scorned lovers are putting people on blast with naked pictures and more people than ever before are finding their business is now out in the open for everyone to judge online.

With all that said, it is my duty to inform the Iyanya groupies that he is going to be touring the United States next month…YESSS! I’m not sure about the dates but Google will inform you.

You’re Welcome.

‘Teefah xx