Chris Brown Gets Into A Fight Over $10, After Collecting $1 Million Dollars For His Show In Ghana!!!

Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a HUGE fan of Chris Brown & his music, so it pains me to see he is on such on downward spiral with his life. I thought the man was happy now that is back with the love of his life…Rihanna?! Why is he so angry & getting into fights all the time, then blaming the media for making him look bad?!

Nicca please if you don’t act like an idiot no one will have any bad ish to write about you.

In the latest episode of the drama that is Breezy’s life, Thursday night in L.A. he got into an angry confrontation with a valet at a bowling alley over $10 for parking!!!! 10 freaking dollars! This is the same man boy that just collected 1 Million Dollars for his performance in Accra, Ghana last Tuesday, 5th of March. (Click here if you missed that story] Really Chris?! You’re not hard up for cash or are you?!

SMH, As theses things usually go the TMZ cameras where at the scene & caught everything on camera, as Breezy got in the valet’s face and screamed,

“Gimme my f****** keys!” while the attendant says, “Give me $10.”

Chris regularly brags about how much money he earns and flying around in private jets, yet he’s causing an uproar over $10 bucks? Some people need serious help.

Watch the video after the jump


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4 Responses to “Chris Brown Gets Into A Fight Over $10, After Collecting $1 Million Dollars For His Show In Ghana!!!”

  1. ya beeesh March 9, 2013 at 14:18

    i love u breezy stop the drugs and go back kae u were stable and drama free when u were with her. rihanna is no good for u #teambreezy

  2. Pororo March 9, 2013 at 18:59

    Wasn’t about the $10, he just high on something. Don’t make it about the money, a billionaire has the right to fight for his one dollar, that is what makes the US economy better, the money is earned, not looted from the treasury.

  3. doreen March 9, 2013 at 21:11

    just because he earns millions does it make it right 4 other ppo to take advantage of him? he bursts his ass for that money so obviously he wuld freak out!!! anywayz he has to save up money to buy rihanna diamonds!!! lol!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nollywood REinvented March 10, 2013 at 03:42

    Ehm biko stop defending him… can we have the old chris back abeg.

    And whilst we are at it, let’s get back the old Rihanna, the old Justin Bieber (yes, I said it)

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