Looks like the Ghanians are not letting go of their number one claim to fame: The Azonto Dance Craze, a few days ago Ghanaian dance-hall artiste Samini released a diss track which accuses P-Square of copying the Azonto song and dance on Alingo, the diss track was sung over the Alingo beat.

The song has causeed so much uproar on twitter with Nigerians and Ghanains taking shots at each other.

For as long as I can remember there has been a long standing rivalry between Ghanaians and Nigerians, actually I won’t even call it a rivalry because you can only be rivals with folks you consider an equal (joking!) but I digress…Thing is Azonto, Alingo, it’s just a dance, when did it become so serious? The way Ghanaians are holding on to Azonto for dear life would make you think it cures cancer or some ish like that! Puhlease it’s entertainment, so what if Alingo was influenced by Azonto?!

But I can see what Samini did with this diss track, very well played, cos prior to this diss track I did not know who he was, so kudos to him. Plus I actually like the song & I love Ghanians 🙂

Some of the tweets



Main Image: AmehDaily