Day 2 in the Big Brother house and couples are wasting no time in emerging and engaging in some hot makeout action as seen early this morning when Sierra Leone’s rep Bolt shared a passionate kiss with 26 year old teacher from Ethiopia Betty in the dark as their fellow housemates slept.

After kissing for a few minutes, Bolt jumped out of bed frantically rummaging through his pockets, bags & boxes, searching for something…condoms perhaps?! He didn’t find any, so they gave up on the kissing instead opting to head to the kitchen for some water.

So I guess we have our first couple in the house, we’ll have to see how this plays out as Betty is up for eviction this weekend and she doesn’t even know it.

Others up for possible eviction are Denzel,Betty, Hudda, Selly and Natasha

In other day 2 BBA news the housemates in the Ruby house got familiar with the jacuzzi and some champagne, the ladies stripped down to their bikinis while the boys got down to the swim trunks. Zimbabwe’s Hakeem was definitely eye candy of the occasion as he paraded his hot body in very skimpy swim trunks, he got myself and a few other ladies on twitter hot & very bothered I must say LOL