When you go on a show like Big Brother, you need to be ready for all your secrets to be laid bare to the entire continent, and that’s exactly what’s happening to 27 year old Zimbabwean housemate Pokello. A raunchy home video she made with her then boyfriend in 2011 and leaked in Zimbabwe the same year has now come back to haunt her.

Pictures taken from the raunchy x rated tape shows Pokello Nare in a range of intimate poses with the rapper Desmond Stunner. You can see the pictures:


Yikes! These things will always come back to haunt you.

According to a Ugandan Tabloid

Some of the girls the charming rapper has taken down the southern route, say he is gifted with a wire sure to squeeze gallons of love juice out of whoever he romps with. In fact, they have it that he insists on laying a polythene underneath the beddings, so the mingling companies do not end up soiling his bed.


Anyways a facebook group has been created by a group of Zimbabweans demanding that Pokello is removed from the house for tarnishing the image of the nation for her participation in the tape, they released a statement saying:

Support your family, not Pokello, all that time you are watching her read the bible, stop this Pokello idolatry now, what will your children learn from her, even her own child what will she learn? that you can be a p***star and get anything you want because of corruption? Its some funny, some people are even supporting a p***star to represent the whole nation,