The first eviction ceremony of the reality show Big Brother went down last night and out of the 5 nominated for eviction it was Kenya’s Huddah & Denzel who were given the boot. When IK revealed Huddah was evicted the distraught Kenyan cried bucket loads of tears, while her love interest, Angelo was left in utter shock.

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Steamy Kissing Games


hakeem-dillish-kiss_lg_74d1aab9-1a24-4e1d-bbad-f477f8add475_221302002213511What happens when you lock a bunch of young people in a house with loads of alcohol? A lot of kissing apparently. It all started with Bolt & Betty’s hot & steamy after hours make-out session on Tuesday [Read Here If You Missed It], followed by Hakeem stealing a kiss with Natasha [Read Here If You Missed It].

Not content with kissing Natasha, Hakeem took his kissing talents to the Diamond House when he puckered up with Zimbabwean hottie Dillish during a game of truth or dare, but she wasn’t really feeling him as she pulled away after a few seconds. Watch Below

Not to be left out on the kissing action in the Ruby house Ugandan LK4 lay on top of South African Koketso kissing her passionately during a game of Truth or Dare…she did not pull away, in fact she seemed to enjoy it :). Watch Below

Female Housemates Shower Hour Pics

For y’all who only watch BBA to catch a glimpse of the babes during shower hour, here’s Nigeria’s Beverly Osu, Huddah, Pokello & Fatima Shower hour pics for you this Monday afternoon. See them HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE.

You’re Welcome!

If I was in the BBA house I would shower in a bathing suit, I’m too much of a prude to let my bits hang out for the entire continent to see, but I guess that’s why I am not in the house LOL.