Yesterday I told you that actress Funke Akindele was in talks with a major electronics company looking to make it’s foray into the Nigerian market. [READ HERE IF YOU MISSED IT] I can tell you now that company is Samsung Electronics and sadly Funke Akindele was not signed on as brand ambassador!

It was announced this afternoon that Kate Henshaw is the new brand ambassador for Samsung Electronics, Kate is already the brand ambassador for Samsung mobile & this is the BIGGEST endorsement deal in Nigerian history, Miss Henshaw is shining her 32 all the way to the bank! POW!

So some exclusive gist for you. After the jump read how Funke lost out on the biggest of her career.

If you read my story yesterday I said the one thing standing in the way of Funke Akindele sealing the Samsung Electronics endorsement deal is her image. The Jenifa image which catapulted her to fame, was her downfall in this case.

I can tell you exclusively that even though Funke Akindele has name recognition Samsung’s major gripe with her is that her image did not tie in with their target demographic – which is cosmopolitan, glamorous & with more than enough money to spend on snazzy Samsung products. They feel she is only popular with the lower class razz was the word my source used…no be me talk am o!


As of yesterday Funke Akindele was still the front runner. Kate was flown in last night after she was offered the deal at the last minute, She will be officially revealed as brand ambassador at tomorrow’s launch event which she would also be hosting.

The reason Samsung did not want to use Kate initially for Samsung Electronics is because she was already the brand ambassador for Samsung mobile & they did not want to use the same person across the board, they wanted other faces. But she has a proven track record, since she signed with Samsung mobile their market share has risen and at the end of the day that’s all it comes down to…Sales.

Congrats Kate. Sorry Funke.

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