Since BBA’s Zimbabwean housemate Pokello‘s s**tape became public last week, Zimbabweans have been calling for her head on  a stake…literally! They want the woman out of the house ASAP! Not because she had pre-marital initimate relations but cos she was dumb enough to make a video and subsequently have the less than 2 minute hump session leak.


Several anti Pokello pages have been created on Facebook, the most recent page ‘Bring Pokello Home’, was created this week and already had more than 3 000 followers.  The mission of the administrators behind the page is to garner fan support to vote Pokello out of the game.

Wow! people sure have a lot of time on their hands! Who knows what these same people get up to behind close doors.


Well Pokello’s co-star Desmond Chideme, aka Stunner has finally spoken out about his role the Pokello home made explicit movie, distancing himself from the highly embarrassing tape he says;

“I have nothing to do with Pokello. I am now focusing on my music.”

He wasn’t focusing on his music when he was holding the camera as Pokello rode him! LWKMD

Ray J of Africa…Pokello is a socialite in Kenya and judging from her pictures on FB the girl knows how to dress !

Do You Think Pokello Can Rise From This Scandal Like Kim Kardashian Who Went On To Make 100 of Millions of Dollars After Her S** Tape With Ray-J