Hey guys,

For those who have been following this blog, my twitter and Facebook, you are probably aware that I have made an effort to keep my identity separate from this blog. Not for any major reason, but I started this blog that way and just stuck with being “anonymous” over the last 2 years cos it seemed like the natural thing to do for me.

Those who know me know me, it’s not like I am hiding underground somewhere, however my picture has never appeared on this blog or any of my social media accounts until now…when I had to conduct a video interview with x-rated actress and singer Afrocandy.

If you frequent gossip sites you have probably stumbled on the trailer and pictures from Afrocandy’s X-Rated movie Destructive Instinct, which went viral a few weeks ago causing all manner of commotion on the interwebs.

The trailer that was released shows Afrocandy in various Rated R positions & since it dropped it’s been Afrocandy galore on the blogs, one day her ex husband is speaking out, next it’s her costar threatening her to delete his scenes from the movie.

When I saw the stories I thought who is this crazy chick?! Azin! Say what you want about her but she has some balls, to release that kind of movie to a largely conservative Nigerian audience, I wanted to interview her badly.

So I reached out to her on facebook and asked if I could interview her on Skype, she said yes and after two missed appointments we were finally able to have the interview last week. We chatted over Skype for nearly 3 hours & I recorded the entire thing. The interview started around at 1am Lagos time and finished at about 3.45 am. My thoughts on Afrocandy after interviewing her is love her or hate her she is a very smart woman, she knows exactly what she is doing, she is well spoken, she is friendly, no airs about her.

It was very hard for me to edit almost 3hours of footage down to roughly 30 minutes, split into two parts (15 minutes each). In the first part she talks about how her movie (Destructive Instinct) shouldn’t be described as p0-rn, blasts Nollywood actress Uche Obodo who released a statement calling Afrocandy a po-rn star after rejecting her offer to appear in her next movie in the same statement.

Watch it below:

This was a really good interview for me. It’s my first video interview and there were a few hiccups but we got through it in the end. For those who have been asking what I look like this is me. LOL.

Am I What You Imagined I’d Look Like? What Do You Think About The Interview?

Part 2 is coming real soon…