Celebs are always getting into some kind of social quarrel with their fans on twitter. From Rihanna to Chris Brown to Dvideo to Wizkid celebrities on twitter & Instagram are an easy target for fans.

In the most recent case of Wizkid versus Fan, it all started when Wizkid posted the above photo a few days ago with the caption “About to perform at this wedding with an hangover! Jah guide! Lol”

The offending word “an hangover” instead of “a hangover”.

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A follower on instagram called out Wizzy for his typo, and then said it was cos of errors like that Wizkid needed to get back in school. That statement must have gotten to Ogbeni Wizzy cos he replied the fan with the following statement “Broke people always have an opinion”

Um I thought everyone had an opinion, isn’t that why they are like an a-hole, But I digress…

What followed was an all out war of words from Wizkid’s stans bashing the fan that callled out the “gbagaun’ with only a few defending the poor dude! The picture has so far garnered nearly 500 comments…wow!

See some of the comments below.






SMH at some of those comments.

Do You Think The Fan Went Too Far? Do You Think Wizkid Went Too Far?