Hahaha this is like some Kim & Kanye West ish. Kanye West has openly admitted that before hooking up with reality TV star Kim Kardashian he used to watch her smut tape & now according to online reports Ghana’s rep to the just concluded BBA The Chase has revealed he has seen his girlfriend & Zimbabwean housemate Pokello’s home made video.

A few days into the most watched reality show on the continent it was revealed that Pokello Nare had a home video of the p**n variety floating around in cyber space [READ HERE IN CASE YOU MISSED IT]

Here’s how Ghafla is reporting it

pokello_2Elikem the  trendy tailor may have not bagged the USD Grand Prize but the young Housemate managed to bag himself the sassy Pokello.Pokello dumped her ex,Desmond Chideme aka Stunner, to be with the Ghanaian. At a press conference at the Airport West Hotel in Accra last Friday,Elikem revealed that he had seen Pokelllo’s tape with her former Zimbabwean rapper boyfriend Stunner.Elikem said that she had hinted of the existence of the leaked two-minute s*x tape recorded with Stunner  but this did not seem to bother the Ghanian much.Elikem Kumordzi said that he thought the s*x tape was nice and that” it was not much of a big deal.”

Would You Date A Girl/Guy That Had A S**tape That Had Been Watched By Millions?