In an interview with Toolz back in January D’Banj revealed he was in a serious relationship &even though he never mentioned the lady’s name,  it was widely reported the lady he was referring to is socialite & Executive Director of POLO Limited, Jennifer Obayuwana.

Since then D’Banj has been very elusive about his love life except for when he said he would love to marry Genevieve back in October. [READ HERE IF YOU MISSED IT].

Well it seems he was indeed dating Jennifer all this time, but things are now over between them.

The cause of the breakup? Their very busy schedules & some other “factors”, a source has told Maestromedia. With the two reported to just being platonic, close friends now.

This leaves room for Genevieve Nnaji to get back in there with D’Banj. They look great together & would have such beautiful babies 😉