Yes oooo….we are still on the matter. Dencia just can’t let go of Lupita’s mention of her name & product. The 25 year old skin bleaching entrepreneur is milking it for all it’s worth.

While the Oscar winning Kenyan actress is scooping up awards and attending fashion shows in Paris with Rihanna, Dencia is still blasting her over her speech at the Essence Black Women in Hollywood, in which Lupita said a young black girl had written to her saying she was about to buy Dencia’s Whitenicoius bleaching cream, when Lupita came on the scene and seeing someone that looked like just her become the darling of Hollywood helped her love and accept her own dark skin.

Since that speech Dencia has blasted Lupita at every turn, saying she looks like a slave & that she has no idea who the Kenyan actress is [READ HERE IF YOU MISSED IT]

A few hours ago, Dencia took to her social media accounts to once again address the speech, this time she said someone from Lupita’s camp had reached out to her claiming the letter from the fan did not exist, and it was all made up! Read what she had to say after the jump

The Media has told their version about how the Lupita Dencia ish started & claimed it was Dencia when I didn’t know this woman until she mentioned me & I can Authoritatively tell u she lied about the letter,someone who works in her Camp reached out to me & told me the was no letter & the story was made up after I said I didn’t know who she was.I know u guys are like why I’m I still on it but I was really disappointed when I was told she lied,I was really hoping the’s a letter,the person in her camp who reached out doesn’t wanna go public but the person said it Infront of me & 2 other people.They read about me,I am doing charity work,building and orphanage and she has nothing charitable going on so standing for a cause she can’t even ever fight n Tryna come 4 me is total BS,u wanna talk bleaching but u are smiling ur eyes off in pictures with Rihanna?smh make up ur mind on a cause n fight for it woman by the time I turn 31 which is 6yrs from now,come back let’s talk. I rest my case & done with this topic!!!

She also added

She def paid her PR 2 Make me Money lol her PR shld have know. Beta #NegativePress still created awareness,sales went up 70% wait & I am still winning & I am helping women get rid of the darkspot ah life couldn’t be better,Sips on Fanta ..

9ice’s ex wife Toni Payne, who incidentally handles some PR for Dencia also waded into the issue, saying

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Sigh…Dencia and her team are definitely milking the Lupita mention! She can’t seem to keep Lupita’s name out of her mouth. I doubt that with everything Lupita has going on, she has time to attribute two seconds of her thought process to Dencia and her bleaching cream!