Wizkid Blasts Yet Another Fan On Twitter! Was He Out Of Line?



People on social media need to know that they can’t take shots at Wizkid without him retaliating…the 23 year old is definitely outspoken and would not hesitate to tongue lash you if you come for him.

Yesterday a fan called @Mr_Feye, learnt the hard way when he tweeted, “All Wizkid has done this 2014 is take Instagram pictures” to which Wizzy replied, “and prob made more than u’ve ever made in life! bye!!”

LOLLLLLL! Wizzy is so sensitive…

This isn’t the first time he is lashing out at fans on social media, last month he called a fan who dissed his son a sh*tface [READ HERE], back in August ’13 he blasted a fan on Instagram who told him to go to school when he made a grammatical error in his tweet [READ HERE]

To be fair Wiz has dropped a lot of hits and performed at sold out shows since the year started so Mr Feye was wrong, but I can’t help but wonder, the fan did not even tweet directly at Wizzy’s handle, so did Wizkid actually do a search on his own name on twitter?!


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One Response to “Wizkid Blasts Yet Another Fan On Twitter! Was He Out Of Line?”

  1. Tee April 8, 2014 at 14:00

    Lol. A lil immature if you ask me. As a celebrity such things come with the terrain. He should learn to ignore…

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