Over the last week there have been reports upon reports about beef between the singing and dancing duo P-Square, beef that is alleged to be tearing them apart, to the point where lawyers have allegedly been brought in split their assets and prompting prayers from concerned Nigerians [READ HERE]

Initial reports placed blame of the alleged beef on “one of the wives” Peter is married to Lola Omotayo and Paul is married to Anita Isamah.

But reports reaching us today say the wives have nothing to do with the rumoured spat. A “source” told NET

Peter and Paul have been fighting since they were small boys. And there’s no song or album they’ve made that they’ve not had quarrels. They almost never agree – whether it’s on choice or songs to release, costume concept or dance routine. Everyone knows that. And they’ve been able to manage it all these years. If it’s reached a point where they can no longer manage it now, I don’t think anyone should blame Anita or Lola

Meanwhile on Sunday April 20th Paul Okoye took to Facebook to address the reports asking for “God’s intervention & hoping for better days as one family”