Stunning cocktail dresses, sexy bikinis, glam formal wear, standout accessories and to die for shoes…the fashion alone in Gidi Up: Season Two, is reason enough to watch it!

This season picks up from where season one ended and while there won’t be any spoilers here. We can at least talk about the fashion put on display by the hot, young and sexy characters that make up the latest installment of the web drama.

Let me start by saying the fashion is as sexy as the cast! From girls in sexy cocktail dresses to men in formal tuxedos, some of the pieces featured in the series will have you thinking, “Ooh where can I get that?”

Watching the first 5 episodes which are now available online via YouTube, you can tell that the look for this season is motivated by style rather than fashion. Each character’s personality is perfectly reflected in their choice of clothing, from eclectic and afrocentric Eki in Ankara bejeweled playsuits to spoilt rich girl Sharon in an embellished flapper dress for her engagement dinner. The costume designer certainly did a good job picking pieces that reflected the essence of each character.


While soaking up the interesting twists and turns of the story line you are also sure to be taken on a fashion show of sorts….hair, makeup, accessories, shoes and clothes all covered!

With an interesting mix of Nigerian designers and foreign high street brands, the fashion in Gidi up is representative of the young, upwardly mobile Lagosian. And that’s one of the reasons I feel I can connect with the show.

An example of a piece that stood out to me was fashion designer Vone’s (played by Somkele Iyamah) white dress at Sharon and Meka’s engagement dinner. The scene where she meets Sharon’s fiancé for the first time and finds him in a reflective mood, she is presented in a sexy white dress that looked like it was made for her body. That was the highlight of that engagement party…and I want that dress!


Another scene that stood out for me was Tokunbo’s celebration dinner with all four characters in neutral tones! STUNNING!


Other things that stood out to me were:

The variety of stunning aerial shots of the city of Lagos…I kept wondering to myself, “Is this the same Lagos I live in?”. The shots made me appreciate how beautiful Lagos truly is.


Hair: Let me tell you the ladies on Gidi Up were giving me some major hair envy. From the ladies rocking the braids, to the natural looking weaves and even the natural hair sisters repping with dreadlocks and afros.

Aside one continuity error and a teeny bit of over acting from a few of the secondary cast members, Gidi Up is an excellent production! It’s a well-acted sexy drama, with a relatable story line & lust worthy fashion to boot…definitely worth watching!