A few months back there were online reports that oil and gas multimillionaire Kola Aluko who has been known to be very good pals with a lot of A list Hollywood celebs and owns an outstanding super yacht was invited for questioning by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in relation to some of his businesses in Nigeria.

Clearly Mr. Aluko who is the founder of Fossil Resources and co-director of Atlantic Energy Drilling Concepts Limited is un-bothered by EFCC’s alleged interest in him & his dealings, as he was spotted partying last night (July 27) with hip hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs at a club in Ibiza.

Diddy shared the picture and also expressed his love for Nigeria  writing


Mr. Aluko who does not reside in Nigeria is living the ballerific life! He parties with celebs like Leonardo Di Caprio, lunches with Naomi Campbell and is generally what we would call a BALLER!!! Matter of fact last year November New York Post’s Page Six reported that Aluko was one of the big spenders at Di Caprio’s 39th Birthday party in New York, where it is alleged he spent $1.5 million on champagne, his rep denied he’d spent that amount.

No wonder all these celebs fall over themselves to hang out with him, multi million dollar super yacht, lavish homes around the works, access to beautiful people and endless cash. It’s the #GoodLife