So we all know that over the last week Wizkid and Davido have thrown subliminal shots at each other on Twitter. It all started when Wizkid allegedly took a shot at Davido about him playing small venues in the US, while he did proper concert venues to which Davido called him a “Fake ass nigga & a Pussy”

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Over the weekend while in New York Davido spoke to Sahara TV and for the first time, he confirmed that all the social media drama and shots fired were directed at Wizkid. The 21 year old BET Award winner said,

It’s not beef at all..but I’m the type of person if I feel something..to me everything you do, you don’t hit your brother down. This is the first time I’m saying this but the only reason I was upset was because of the NY concert. I was even going to tweet like you know ‘make sure everybody turn up for my brother Wizkid’s concert’ and he threw a shade like that. I’m not going to take that…that’s why I went and said what I said. But it’s all cool, at the end of the day, we got to keep it on the music. Shout out to him. I’m still a big fan. It was never nothing but don’t throw a shade at me…especially when we were on the flight earlier. By the way, check the numbers on my last concert. Let’s leave it like that.

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This drama is far from over! In the meantime let me sip my tea & wait for Wizzy’s response which will no doubt come! These boys love the drama LOL!