Everybody and their grandmother knows that two of the hottest music acts in Nigeria Wizkid & Davido are beefing. And if you don’t then you have carried the ultimate last!

Rapper Ruggedman who knows a thing or two about beef with his colleagues, following his highly publicized spats with Eedris Abdulkareem & former friend turned foe 9ice, is giving his two cents on the much talked about social media drama between Wiz & OBO.

Speaking to NET, he expressed that the current situation between Wizzy & Davido doesn’t affect the image of the music industry negatively. His exact words

What two artistes feel for each other cannot affect the image of the industry. The real actions I believe will affect the image of the music industry is crime committed by an artist. What they feel for each other only affects their image’.

He was also asked who his favourite of the two artistes is, to which he diplomatically replied,

I can’t pick one. I love the talent, great songs and drive they both have. If they choose to have a little friendly competition thing going it’s cool. It will drive them to do more and better. As long as they don’t get it twisted. It’s supposed to be friendly competition

In other news: Wizzy & Davido haven’t squashed their beef

Image Credit: Rugged Records