Last week Friday (Sept. 12) a building inside TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of all Nations HQ which is located at Ikotun Egbe, Lagos collapsed, reportedly killing over 41 people.

I read somewhere that the reason the building collapsed is because it was originally meant to be a 2 storey building, but the church management had turned it into a 6 storey building. However Prophet Joshua is blaming the collapse on a “conspiracy theory”

After the tragic incident, some of his church members reportedly attacked journalists who showed up at the scene of the collapse to cover the incident, the next day Joshua met with a few journalists, blamed the attack on “people in the community”, apologized on behalf of the community and shared his thoughts on the cause of the tragedy. At the start of his chat with the press men, he instructed all the cameras to be turned off on the grounds that he doesn’t want his face to be seen and that he was not properly dressed, but one of the journalists didn’t turn his off entirely, he only turned it away from the Prophet, which is why you can only hear his voice.

During a church service yesterday at synagogue, the head of the church called out Boko Haram for the collapse, he showed his congregation CCTV footage of a “strange aircraft” flying over the building repeatedly…

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After screening the video, he said

“I received a phone call immediately I got here, just 10 minutes later when I was in the church, that there was a jet hovering over the mountain where I had just left. They said it was hovering at a close range. Before I knew it, I received another phone call that the same jet was now at the church hovering over the building, passing it four times at a very close range before the building collapsed.”

He then read to the church a letter which he said was addressed to him by a Boko Haram member, confessing how he had attempted to plant a bomb inside the church. Joshua said his church was being attacked to scare away members.

“This environment at Ikotun Egbe, we have never witnessed an accident of a building collapse. This is a very stable terrain. I have been here for the past 30 years. I am pregnant with words, but we have left the security agencies to do their job. Let us believe and educate our people and be alive.”

Image Credit: Ramon Oladimeji

Image Credit: Ramon Oladimeji


He added,

“I know you will ask why the church? It is because of the spiritual blessings that God has bestowed upon us. A big head wears a large hat. Don’t forget about the Ebola issue too, it was God that rescued the church. Probably they would have dropped an Ebola patient inside the church, so that they would said, ‘there is an Ebola patient in the church, don’t go there.’

“They are trying to scare you from coming to church. Don’t be scared, you are not the target, I’m the target. I know my time has not yet come. I have not yet finished my job.”



Image Credit: Ramon Oladimeji


My heart goes out to those that died. May they rest in peace! Hopefully the real reason of the collapse will be revealed soon.