Because of Ebola countries that on a good day cannot stand next to Nigeria are banning us from entering their countries! A few days ago we found out that the government of Mauritius had banned the entry of Nigerian nationals into their country…regardless of where they are travelling from. [READ HERE IF YOU MISSED IT]

A few moments ago we received some information concerning travel to Zambia from Nigeria, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leon.

The Zambian Government has issued a circular to regulate travelers between Zambia and West Africa – listing Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leon and Nigeria as affected countries.??They have asked with immediate effect to avail the health inspectorate at the airports (KKIA, SMKIA and HMKIA), an indication of how many passengers on flights that are coming from the West African states. These will be quarantined for 30 days before being allowed entry into Zambia.??They also require passengers to fill particular forms, to be given to Immigration before processing their passports.

What this means is that travellers from any of the countries listed above will be held in quarantine for 30 DAYS somewhere at the Zambian port of entry before being cleared for entry.

I blame Patrick Sawyer for this nonsense!