This is part 3 of the Samklef vs Wizkid drama that started two days ago on Oct 13, when Samklef slammed Wizzy as a disgusting person who had been changed by fame, the producer lashed out because he said Wizzy called his beats amateurish. [READ HERE IF YOU MISSED IT]

In Part 2 of the drama Wizkid responded saying he had nothing but love for the producer.

And in the latest twist, yesterday morning (Oct. 14) following Wizzy’s reply from the night before, Samklef took to twitter to rant some more about the situation, he started by telling his followers t o contact him if they wanted any of the beats he had produced for Wiz

See his tweets after the jump

Wizzy has not responded…yet

Sometimes I wonder how people settled their beef before social media…what happened to picking up the phone to sort things out!

Image Credit: Instagram