I thought this war of words between Charles Novia & Chika Ike’s manager had ended…but I was so WRONG.

If you missed it, it all started when Chika Ike went to Dubai for her pre birthday celebrations and her manager Serah Donald announced on Instagram that she had rented a yacht for two days at the cost of $24,000. Social critic & movie director Charles Novia took to his blog to blast Chika’s manager, calling her “obtuse” and she replied calling him a hater with no money, a “wretched old man” [CATCH UP HERE ON THEIR WAR OF WORDS]

This was over a week ago. Just when we had all forgotten about their beef, Charles Novia goes and writes another blog post and he went IN! Calling Serah Donald an “industry lapdog, an errant cretin,” and more.

After the jump, read excerpts of his epic shade filled post which he has called “A SALVO FOR SERAH”

He started by writing,

My first reaction was to ignore her as I saw through the statement that she really had nothing to say but perhaps wanted to gain some little fame through an open insult directed at me. And so I did. But in retrospect (and knowing that most things put out on social media are usually twisted the other way to suit such whims, as it were) I decided not to really let it rest but to perhaps give a riposte on some of her rabid tirades. I use the word ‘rabid’ because the impression I have of this Serah, which still persists.

He then spoke on how he met her,

I was introduced to her in 2007 in Los Angeles while I was attending a film industry convention on Nollywood where I was one of the Speakers on the positive trajectory of an evolving Nollywood. I vaguely remember some less-than-Plain-Jane looking lady staring at me in a manner which unsettled me a bit. To her, it could her been a fawning look but to me, from my perspective, it looked like a deviant character from a horror movie giving me the looks! It was my good friend, Stephanie Okereke ( now Linus) who was graduating from the New York Film Academy that period, who formally introduced her to me before I understood why she was awestruck.

‘It is a great honour to meet you, Sir’, Serah said and went on to gush about how she was a big fan of my movies and actually reeled out some of my hit titles she had watched. I believe I was told then that was a student of the New York Film School at Stephanie’s flat in Los Angeles where this Serah was perhaps squatting or was somewhat of a personal maid or something I can’t be bothered to remember   .

And then he went IN…

I completely forgot about this young lady and never saw her again till sometime in 2013 in an event organised by the Tourism Ministry at the Civic Centre in Lagos. I pride myself in having a retentive memory for faces and when Serah and her Principal, Chika Ike, walked up to my table to greet me, I instantly remembered her face, though now overtly padded with some hideous make-up. We exchanged pleasantries and she took my number.

Serah claims, she is Chika’s ‘Manager’, (who in this clime and industry are usually glorified messengers) it might be the case of the tail wagging the dog.

What does one really say to an errant cretin, notorious from feelers for being an industry groupie who finally found anchorage on the muddy shores of one whom she claims to manage? If posting pictures of an average actress who mistakes facial recognition for ‘stardom’ in the belief that the public must be forced to reckon with the ‘arrival’ of her Principal in the social circuits, is what makes her a Manager or perhaps a Publicist, it goes to show the shallow mentality behind such reasoning.

The public displays of sudden wealth by some of such personalities, is very misleading to many among the gullible public. We know the sexual dalliances which many of such engage in with the hoi poloi in our land which more often than not brings much disrespute to my sector. What such characters do with their private lives is entirely their business but when the lines become blurred between private indiscretions and selling dummies to the public, then it behoves on the level-headed and moral brigade to ask questions.

We have to ask questions because almost every young girl who aspires to be an actress in Nigeria today believes that a little fame is all that is needed to get some rich ‘mugu’ to shower her with material wealth. And so, an industry which is supposed to be the bastion of family values has suddenly nosedived into a cesspool because of the antics of such ‘Publicists’ like Serah.

And when you ask questions publicly, you are labelled a hater? Gosh!

May I use this medium to call on the Tax Authorities in Nigeria to immediately begin investigations into the income of the actors who make public their material acquisitions. It is time we remove the veil of hypocrisy these people have on their faces by going after their tax filings. If the Tax Man goes after these self-styled instagram celebrities, many would think twice before assaulting our sensibilities with such questionable lifestyles.

And when people like Serah asks questions about my own material  pedigree with the assumption that I am broke and envious of the success of those who are critiqued, I actually feel pity for such. To Serah and her ilk, it’s all about money. That is the level of thought propounded by lobotomised reprobates. Those who are comfortable through an honest day’s work do not flaunt their lives and wealth on social media. It is the groupies, the morally decadent, those who engage in serial prostitution whilst hiding under a toga of false celebrity adulation, who must let the world know that their hypocritical sexcapades with the high and mighty actually yield dividends. Instead of living their lives with some measure of discretion based on their sex romps, they try to hoodwink the public with paid articles on blogs and newspapers that their entertainment careers actually made them such money. Ridiculous!

The most stupid conclusion one can draw from this Serah’s rant is the ironical reality that the money she purportedly enjoys from her Principal in the form of the laughable exotic holidays is not even earned by Serah herself. Her antecedents as an industry lap dog who chases after the juiciest bone is known to those who bother to scrutinise her lifestyle and life. Such are the adventures of Hangers-on and lap dogs.  For fear of losing their crumbs at the feast table, they must bark in stupidity rather than bay at the dimming moon of their unfortunate lives .

Lawd! That’s some serious shade honey! He laid it on heavy and thick. Serah Donal has not replied…yet!

Read Novia’s entire blog post HERE


Image Credit: Charles Novia & Serah Donald Instagram