The media has been awash with reports of the Kenyan woman who last week was stripped nekkid and assaulted all because she wore a mini skirt, the incident happened in broad day light at a busy stop in Nairobi’s Central Business District. The men who attacked her later told local media that she had been ‘tempting’ them by being ‘indecently dressed’.

Apart from being stripped and beaten she was also kicked in her genitals.

I have said it before and I will say it again…Africans are twisted perverts! Just go and check out who the top searchers of gay porn are…Kenya is number 1 and Nigeria is Number 3 on that list. [READ HERE]

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Even with all our so call high moral standing so much s*xual abuse and paedophilia prevails in our society. Every other day in Punch newspaper there is a story about girls as young as 6 being r*ped by their fathers or uncles. Yet we are so religious!

Back to this poor lady in Kenya…How do you explain a bunch of men attacking this woman? Stripping her nekkid all because she wore a miniskirt? How does this help send the message that her modesty should be protected?! These are the greatest hypocrites living!

The outrage from this despicable assault all in the name of high morals has sparked protests in Kenya and a social media movement called #MyDressMyChoice.

These are the same dogs that would blame a woman’s dressing as the reason for her being r*ped.