Apart from doing her charity work, sharing her lavish gifts from Mr. X on Instagram and working on her music, Tonto Dikeh has been fairly quiet. But just a few hours ago, the actress decided to serve some major shade to someone she referred to as a former friend!

Trust me guys get your hot sizzling cup of tea and read what went down after the jump

A few hours ago Tonto shared a pic of her kissing an unidentified man…possibly her boo, Mr. X? She captioned the pic,

 I have had a friend (Cheap skate) Sleep with n even baby mama’Ed my mans child*#Atm so pls excuse me while I protect my Happiness n still be myself #Nochildzones #happierthanlowkeys #KeyNLock

If you’re confused by what she said, she’s saying she had a friend, a cheapskate, who slept with and had a baby with her (Tonto’s) man’s child. So please excuse her while she protects her happiness and still be herself

While everyone was trying to decode who she was referring to, Tonto made it clear in the comments on the Instagram post. Check out the conversation below.


LOL! This Tonto girl doesn’t send anybody!


A few months ago Tonto Dikeh & Toyin Lawani of Tiannah Styling were engaed in an all out social media war of words. Read HERE & HERE. I guess they haven’t made up.