It all started last weekend when pop star Burna Boy showed off a picture of him rocking multiple gold chains which he captioned, “My attitude right now. F*ck an award I got yo rent on my neck. #ignorantasfuck” [READ HERE IF YOU MISSED IT]

Comedian Wale Gates shortly after called him out, when he wrote on Twitter,

These young Naija artistes have terrible advisers. The only time you should have “Someone’s rent on ur neck” is if you own the house you live in

Mr. Gates isn’t lying though! But who told him Burna Rankin doesn’t own his own house???

WaleGatesTweet_that1960chick.com WaleGatesTweet_1_that1960chick.com

Anyways, Burna Boy let Wale Gates’ words simmer for a few days before blasting the comedian and MC directly! He took to Twitter where he wrote, “Fuck your advice n opinions. Yall don’t even know me past my name so pls STFU n watch TV.”

He also followed that up with a short video which shows him counting $100 bills with his upcoming single playing in the background. He captioned the video,

Sorry it’s @walegates. I heard u still live wit ur mama. No wonder u fit advice for niggaz n shit. Lol I’m a landlord nigga do ur research. We good over here. Thanks for caring tho.

He further dissed the comedian and used the opportunity to promote his new single,

Btw preview of my new single for my real folks out there. Fu*k this nigga


Throwing in the towel in this entertainment beef, Wale Gates addressed Burna’s diss an hour ago. He wrote on Twitter, “There are some battles I can’t be bothered to fight. If you know me you know I got no hate in my heart for no one.”

Incidentally the UK based comedian never said Burna Boy’s name when he took to twitter to advice Nigeria’s latest crop of pop stars.