Some fans have absolutely no chill and social media has made celebs so accessible to fans thus making them easy targets of fans.

Yesterday Davido received a tonne of hateful tweets from his Tanzanian fans after he tweeted his displeasure at Tayo Faniran not winning Big Brother Hot Shots.

When Idris Sultan from Tanzania was announced the winner during the live finale which aired on Sunday, Davido tweeted, “N They Cheat Again” this tweet unleashed a slew of abuse from Tanzanians on Twitter and Instagram.


One took it too far though, when he sent a message to Davido which said, “F**k you, your papa and your dead mama…..ASSHOLE!!!!”

But it was Davido’s reaction to the abusive tweet that surprised everyone! He merely replied, “God Bless You”

Wow! Davido has matured o! He has been known to go off on fans who haven’t even said anything remotely close to what this ignorant tweep said!

How are you gonna insult someone’s parents? Especially his late mom??? People have no chill on social media!

Image Credit: Instagram