The shade between Burna Boy & comedian Wale Gates is being served hot & fresh by both parties! It all started when Burna Boy posted a pic of him wearing some gold chains saying, “I got yo rent on my neck.”

Wale Gates commented on the pic saying the only time “The only time you should have “Someone’s rent on ur neck” is if you own the house you live in”

Burna Boy blasted Wale Gates for the comment a few days ago, he said,

Sorry it’s @walegates. I heard u still live wit ur mama. No wonder u fit advice for niggaz n shit. Lol I’m a landlord nigga do ur research. We good over here. Thanks for caring tho. Btw preview of my new single for my real folks out there. Fu*k this nigga

And the war of words is not over! The comedian who is based in the UK hit back at Burna. See what he said after the jump

Classy Response!

Image Credit: Instagram