Ice prince 2 copy

It’s no secret Jay Z’s drink of choice these days is D’USSE cognac.

Jay has publicly endorsed D’usse for two years now, he even raps about it on wifey Beyonce’s smash hit Drunk In Love when he said “That D’USSE is the sh*t if I do say so myself” and famously poured it into one of the three Grammy awards he won in 2013.

And now it looks like Ice Prince is about to join him to endorse the premium French cognac. Multiple sources have told me that the rapper is being snapped up to become the brand ambassador for the premium VSOP.

Jay Z’s cousin & Roc Nation Executive Briant “Bee-High” Biggs was recently in the country as a representative of the brand to finalize the deal between D’usse and Ice Prince’s reps. I haven’t been told the exact sum the deal is worth but it’s a LOT…nice early Christmas gift for Zamani.

Ice Prince’s reps could not be reached for a comment.

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