This year saw the break up of one of the most solid Nollywood marriages – The Ini Edo & Philip Ehiagwina divorce. While there have been accusations and counter accusations flying around in the media. The latest allegations coming courtesy of Encomium Magazine is nothing short of jaw dropping.

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The publication reports that their split was brought on not by alleged infidelity as claimed by Ehiagwina’s family but by a misunderstanding over the multi-million naira Lekki home Ini Edo bought earlier this year. Her now ex hubby allegedly insisted the house should be jointly owned by both of them and she said a big, “NO”.

This allegedly prompted him to end the marriage. The weekly tabloid also reports that Ehiagwina has now relocated to Ghana and has wasted no time finding a new love, who plans to marry soon…allegedly.

Wow! Men don’t waste any time. A woman would be heartbroken for years but men move on so quickly!

When Encomium asked Ini to confirm the reports that her split was caused by her new Lekki home, she replied,

Let me be frank with you, I have not spoken with anybody concerning the break-up of my marriage.  And I am not going to say anything about it. It’s my past and I have put it where it belongs.  So, let it remain like that. I don’t care whatever people might have said or written as the cause of the break-up, that’s their business.  I have not granted anybody any interview and I won’t do that.  It’s my private life, you guys should please let me be.

Talk about a messy divorce!

Image Credit: Sync Photos