Wow this is really sad! Actress Toyin Aimakhu and Adeniyi Johnson tied the knot in a low key traditional wedding in Ibadan in February 2013 and then at the Ikoyi registry on July 8 2013. The couple were known to flaunt their love on social media but it seems things have fallen apart between them and the main cause is alleged to be infidelity!

According to Stella Dimoko Blog,

Insiders allege that the couple have been living apart for over three months but have been trying to hide it from the press. Allegedly Toyin used evidence found on her hubby’s phone and caught him red handed in hotel rooms several times with different girls. Ouch!
The couple have both moved out of their apartment in Lekki and have both moved on but still giving off the public impression they are still married.

Adeniyi has allegedly changed his relationship status on Facebook to “separated”

Toyin has confirmed news of the split. She told YNaija, “God will mend our happiness, he will make us happy and put a stop to our wind.”

In an interview last year, Toyin claimed several women were pestering her husband and throwing themselves at him.

I guess he couldn’t resist all that free pussy being thrown his way!

A source is also alleges to SDK that there is no respect between the couple, saying ”when there is no respect in a marriage, when couples talk to each other without respect and words are no longer relied upon and love has left behind a sour taste,then its time to check why you married in the first place”
Terrible news! We hope they can work out their issues and find their way back to each other.