Is there trouble in the kingdom?

The king & queen of music Beyonce & Jay Z were spotted enjoying what was meant to be a romantic meal at a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles, but instead turned out to be a heated argument.

Actually Beyonce was the one that looked heated, giving Jay Z that evil glare and pointing her finger angrily at him while he just calmly toyed with his phone. At least she wasn’t punching, slapping & spitting on him like her sister Solange did in the elevator. But you can see in Bey’s eyes that if they were behind closed doors she might have put her hands on him & not in a romantic way…




The pictures have already started sparking divorce reports, but what couple doesn’t argue? Which woman doesn’t get angry at her man and wants to scream at him? Heck she might even want to throw things at him! Bey is no different from the average woman biko, the only difference is her public fight was captured by the paparazzi lenses.

Image Credit: Splash News