2014 was quite the year for actress Uche Ogbodo. She tied the knot with footballer Ato Ubby but the marriage ended after just one month, however their union produced a baby girl she named Chinagorom. Who Uche is now raising solely on her own.


A few days ago on Sunday Feb 1st, baby Chinagorom was christened & her mommy who looks like she has gone back to her pre-baby weight rocked a bright yellow iro & buba which she topped off with a pink gele (headtie).


Uche also had some moving words about her situation which she has now accepted as a blessing.

Took me awhile to come to terms with all that happened.. But in all I am grateful to God for the Strength to carry on amidst the struggle.. Thank God for the gift of this amazing little girl who has shown me Undying Love no end! #loveMyChinagorom

Well as they say, every storm has a silver lining.

Image Credit: Instagram – UcheOgbodo