So last night Nigerian/American rapper Wale let the world know he is moving from the United States, where he was born & raised to Nigeria.

The Maybach Music rapper tweeted last night, “Im movin to nigeria man…”

When a fan warned him about the move saying, “Don’t go to Nigeria, they may attack you”, he replied, “They think we all savages with Ebola smh that’s how America depicts Africa. Don’t worry we gon change that”

When another fan said to him regarding his planned move, “Bruh you no fit”. He replied saying, he has a house in Ondo, his father’s house which he paid for. He also informed fans he spoke to Don Jazzy regarding his move and his main reason for relocating is to “make a connection between the American music scene and the Nigerian music industry”

Wale visited Nigeria for the first time last year and during an interview he expressed that he loved it so much and would like to come back. [READ HERE]

It is not known if his intended move back to Nigeria has to do with mediocre sales of his last album. Just before his tweet about moving to Nigeria he had engaged in a discussion with some fans about what he should do differently to market his album to increase sales. Wale has a new album out next month called, “The Album About Nothing”

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