Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o is still winning! When she’s not slaying on the red carpet the 31 year old is raking in millions via her endorsements!

A few months after winning her Academy award for Best Supporting Actress at last year’s Oscar awards, she signed a deal to represent makeup giant Lancôme and less than 6 months after being officially named a Lancôme girl, she has boosted their sales astronomically, bringing in $63 million in sales for the global makeup brand, according to WWD.

And I can see why! Before Lupita signed with Lancôme, I doubt a lot of black women saw the brand as a makeup line that catered to dark skin women, but thanks to the Oscar winner imagine how many black women decided to give the makeup brand a try!

Lupi should just start her own makeup line and pocket all the billions for herself, cos all the profits right now are going to the white man’s pockets.

Image Credit: Lancôme