Yesterday I told you about the twitter fight between Wizkid & Skales, and the tweets between the former label mates did not end with them cursing each others left balls & accusations of stealing songs. The f**kery continued when Skales’ girlfriend, Sasay waded in to defend her man by throwing some shots at Wizkid.

The model called Wizzy a “f**kboy” as well as saying Wizkid and the haters could not afford her.

I’m pretty confident Wizkid has more money than Skales, but Sesay whatever you have to say to make your boo feel good, it’s cool…we understand.

Check on her tweets after the jump

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Welcome to 2015, where people publicly fight on social media, instead of addressing their grievance away from the public. In the meantime Skales dropped a new video last night for his single, Je Kan Mo, which makes me wonder if this “beef” is even real?