Karrueche Tran has over the years endured disrespect for being Chris Brown’s girl friend! Most of that disrespect has come from him, like the time last year when he revealed to the world that they participated in threesomes together, then put her blast for a supposed relationship with Drake, when he routinely cheated on her.

Even after all that public embarrassment, abuse and breakups she always went back to him.

And once again Karrueche has become the butt of jokes online, when she tweeted last night “I Can Only Take So Much” signifying she was done with the relationship…for the 2,300,500th again. Most people gave her the ultimate side eye and said she wasn’t going anywhere! She knows this, Chris knows it, we all know it! He disrespects her, she makes a public breakup announcement and then they are seen canoodling together again before long.

The reply above sums up everyone’s feeling on this breakup…

Because this isn’t the first, fourth or seventh time Kae has broken up with Breezy on social media! In fact there is a long running joke that she makes a break up announcement twice a year and un-follows him on all social media to drive home her point.

While it is easy to make fun of Karrueche, I feel sorry for her, she is in love with a man that has ZERO regard for her. Let’s even forget about the fact he had a baby with another woman while in a relationship with her. The way he called her a hoe and talked about them having threesomes last year was so out of line, but for some reason (probably the money) she keeps going back to him…that Chris Brown D must be good, plus the money and lifestyle she gets from being his girlfriend. But is it worth it? I do feel in a sick twisted way they are in love with each other. And even with this baby and her most recent break up announcement, I don’t think she’s going anywhere. And I will not judge her for it.

But I’m sure we’ll be seeing pictures of Karrueche with her “step-child” any day from now…

For those of you women making fun of her, yet your man is cheating, impregnating, collecting your money, beating you on top of it and you’re laughing at Karrueche! God is watching you in 3D!


Image Credit: Instagram